Interview “de Limburger”

Last monday “de Limburger” called me after they received a press piece on the exhibition at the Bastaboot during the Kunsttour. They saw me mentioned exhibiting photos made with a process dating back from 1851 and got interested. The lady on the phone asked me if we could meet for an interview. I said..sure!

So, Wednesday we did. I talked about the process and my thoughts behind it and set everything up to actually show it to her as that would tell more than me just explaining everything. So she modelled for me and ended up that morning with a beautiful photo of hers.

And today the interview got published in the news paper! I’m very proud! There are a couple of things missing and incorrectly stated in the interview which I would like to rectify  here. First of all; it’s not printed in Silver Sulphate and lavender. Silver Nitrate is used to sensitize the plate and the lavender is only used in the varnish. Secondly; the project of Alexander Simays has nothing to do with my fight against superficiality. It’s just a side step; you have to do something light sometimes.. Thirdly; the place where I exhibit during the Kunsttour is not mentioned. This is at the Bastaboot as can be seen in the post below. Anyway, that was it and I’m very happy with the interview. Now I am a BM-er πŸ˜‰

To be able to read the article better you can download it here:  InterviewLimburger-1

Have a good read!



  1. Indra, wat een mooie diepgang heb jij aan je studie gegeven. Ik publiceer dit artikel op mijn kunstblog, onder de zeven hoofdzonden waarbij je al vermeld staat (als uitbreiding). Je hebt er toen ook mooie feedback op gekregen. Proficiat! Je begeeft je daar, waar weinigen van ons zich tot nog toe begeven hebben. Dat is gewoon heel erg mooi en geeft aan hoe gepassioneerd je bent. Mooi zo.

    1. Dank je Ushi! Je mooie woorden werken stimulerend en bevestigen voor mij dat ik in de goede richting bezig ben! Ik geniet in ieder geval van de vrijheid te kunnen experimenteren en me te ontwikkelen. Belangrijker dan alles. Ik ben benieuwd naar wat de toekomst nog te bieden heeft!

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