“Black Art” – 1856

Geert-Jan Heyda was kind enough to share some old material he found on the collodion process, dating from 1856.  It was written in such fun and engaging manner, containing useful information letting you gain insight in the process thenadays I thought it to be interesting sharing it on here as well.  (Source: Google Books)

Click on the link below to gain access to the pdf with the notes on Collodion:


Enjoy the read and have a great evening!

🙂 Indra 🙂

One comment

  1. Thank you for the article reprint. I find it especially interesting that the plate is put back into the silver nitrate bath before developing in order to have more free silver nitrate available, and silver added during the developing. Also, a cyanide bath is used to fix, but differently than using a dipping tank.


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