Minolta Spotmeter F

It’s okay to brag about equipment sometimes, right…?! If not…then here it is anyway 😉

I already owned a Minolta Autometer IV with spotmetering piece but wanted to buy a “real” Spotmeter one day. Today came that day! And for my dad the day came he owns his own light meter = a true win-win 😉

If you also have one but are missing a manual please check out this link.

Have a great evening!


  1. Hi Indra, I got mine today from a friend who passed away. I’m feeling sad about my friend, but thrilled to finally get a spotmeter. I got also a 5×7″ technical camera. Looking forward to use both now… We might exchange impressions about it at one of our Picto meetings 🙂

    1. Hi Jacques,

      Long time no see!
      That’s a sad story and a great light meter! I was also waiting for this for quite a long time and finally…! Nice new camera!! What will you be doing with it (besides the obvious making pictures thing)? Anything specific you want to use it for?
      On a side note: when will the next Picto meeting be? I really want to make this time, I missed it!


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