Emotional Film Part 2: Selenium Toned

It took me a while but I now that the holidays, birthdays and the likes (or dislikes) are over I finally have time to spend in my lovely darkroom. This part I spent toning already printed images. I’ll post the results of the first series here (see former post for more details on them).

Toner used is Kodak Selenium dilution 1+4 for about 2 minutes. With this Rollei 131 paper the toning happens very rapidly and the color was even more evident while wet. The images also became a lot more powerful, not only because the blacks became a tad blacker but it also seemed to affect the highlights as if these parts got a bit lighter. I’m not completely happy with these images qua color (a tad too warm for my taste), but also when looking at the images themselves. I think this will be the last time I’ve printed them anyway.

I toned Ilfords MGW.1K paper before and there it was very easy producing split toned images by diluting very moderately and leaving them relatively short in the bath. With this Rollei paper I have yet to find a proper manner to get them split toned without having Selenium followed by another toner such as Gold for example (which I have also ordered). They just seem to absorb the color like mad!

1+4 Selenium Toner +- 2 minutes
1+4 Selenium Toner +- 2 minutes
1+4 Selenium Toner +- 2 minutes
1+4 Selenium Toner +- 2 minutes
1+4 Selenium Toner +- 2 minutes
1+4 Selenium Toner +- 2 minutes

Anyway, I like them a whole lot better than the untoned versions but the color is a but too warm with this subject.

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