Bygone Days

As I was going through my archives seeing what I’d pick up for lith printing I came across these. They were made during my first eduction in photography at Syntra Hasselt 2004. One of our teachers was a fashion photographer and she asked us to do a fashion shoot. The model I used is a girl I worked with quite a lot back then. She was a beautiful person (still is really) who was always up for anything.

The images were made in studio (duhhh) with a Mamiya 645 & 80mm. The black-and-white film used was an Ilford Pan F (50 ASA) and the color film a Kodak Portra 160VC.

These were the rare occasions I actually did fashion stuff, not my area. I’m actually quite the opposite now seeing my struggles with the superficial world of today including media and the way women are portrayed (let themselves be portrayed). Still the images intrigue me in a way.


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