Vleugels & Teugels Maastricht

Around April I got contacted by Marij Vullinghs via an email asking me if I was interested in something, some form of collaboration, which would be explained some time later on. This very much amused me and when I got a second response giving some more clarity I knew this was gonna be great. She said she contacted 2 other photographers in Maastricht, Bert Janssen & Branco Rooijakkers, and wanted to meet so she could explain in words what their plans and intentions were. And so we did.

The 21st of April we met at her house with her partner René Huigen. She runs a consulting group in Maastricht where the goal in rough lines is to act as a catalyst or better: midwife towards “sustainable development” of people and organisations realising durable change. Bringing potential, experience and wisdom of people to work in working together. Starting up Vleugels & Teugels at the Rechtstraat 90 in Maastricht is meant to create an actual physical space where people can meet, see, feel, share green, sustainable, earth loving things.

The reason we came into play was that on the basis of their story we were asked to make photos and present them at the opening of that physical space in the Rechtstraat. To all of us that sounded like a great idea and off we went with our ideas to make them into something tangible.

When thinking about their concept (sorry for that word, Marij ;-)) the thing that kept popping into my mind was trees. It’s green but with a foundation, it stands for growth and the natural sequence of events, it lives and gives life. I think you catch my drift. So trees it came to be.

I also thought of a poem inspired by music and words of Max Richter which I presented alongside my photos:

Here’s the promo film of Vleugels & Teugels made by Ted Daamen (it’s only in Dutch..sorry ;-):

Vleugels & Teugels at the Rechtstraat is a place where items are sold that are made of recycled materials, books about recycling or about anything sustainable for that matter, it’s a place where you can have a cup of coffee, talk about whatever feels connected with their concept, find inspiring things, see and buy art and lot’s more. It’s very inspiring and I hope they will pull this of in a world in need of these initiatives.

Read their interview with the Limburger here.

And feel free to visit this place; it’s quite wonderful. Here’s the address:
Vleugels & Teugels
Rechtstraat 90
6221 EL Maastricht

P.s. there will be a “finissage” for the photographic works showed there. To be announced shortly.

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