Presentation of the Collodion Plates: Part 2

So, considering recent events I decided to put money where my mouth is and went to a professional frame maker. What I had in mind was the following: The glass plate mounted with double-adhesive tape unto a backing board which is of the same material and color as the mat used on top. The mat used will be 1 centimeter bigger on all sides along the plate and the color is antique white or off-white. The outer size of the frame will be 40×50 cm. The frame I’d like to have in black and made of wood. On top of that I would like the plate to be deeper than the glass plate covering the image to create a sort of depth.

The person at the framing shop came up with a different idea namely: also a deeper frame so that you create a distance between the image and the glass plate protecting the work but working with a black mat. He felt the white mat would draw the attention away from the photo. He could be right about that. I decided it to be best if he chose the matching frame and mats for my photo as he has a better and different view on it than I have. It should be ready by the end of the week and I’m looking forward!!

Secondly I bought a wooden 40×50 frame from Barth and have  off-white mats being made by the frame shop so I can make what I had in mind when I started this journey a couple of days ago. The possibilities are endless and this way I get to see 2 options which might help me further.

Wooden Frame Profile Barth No. 820
Wooden Frame Profile Barth No. 820

For the presentation of my exhibition with Vleugels & Teugels opening this Friday I created a different presentation as I was seriously lacking time. It looks good though and if I get the chance I’ll post some photos tomorrow….Bièvres is getting closer, also Friday, and I’m running out of time 😉



  1. Hi,
    I’m very interested in your exploration of framing theme 🙂 I need to think it over also… and this is a problem for me to prepare anything. Hope, you will find some solution that would be near to my imagination of my ambrotype presenting. 🙂
    Cross fingers…

    1. Thank you for your interest. I’m also crossing my fingers and looking forward to the results! It turned out to be pretty challenging finding a way to properly frame the ambrotypes. I will let you know how it turns out!


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