Kunsttour Maastricht 2010

Today was one of the bigger days, hanging the work at the Timmerfabriek. Yesterday I finished all the last prepping of the frames and price tags etc. to had it ready for hanging. The space I have at the Timmerfabriek is not that ideal when looking at the hanging possibilities, photos will show the “challenges” we were up against but the space is very intimate and places me right at the entrance which is good for all the visitors having to pass by. Another big advantage is that the demo will be held outside near the entrance so at all times I’ll be in contact with both places.

The hanging went without a hitch. I expected some difficulties hanging the work but it all solved itself really; very pleasant! I am looking forward to this weekend! It’ll be great! Also the building is such a treat on its own; it’s sooooo  big with beautiful rooms with lots of variations. I’ll post some more photos of it somewhere around this weekend. On to the photos of my little exhibit:

More to come soon.

And if you now think you’ve seen it all….be there Anyway!!

-Indra (a very tired but satisfied one!)


  1. Hai Indra,

    It looks fantastic! Beautiful frames.
    This is a great achievement in such short time! I love the place where you show off your bests. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Gerda!! It was such hard work and I was so relieved to see it hanging there like that. My boyfriend was of tremendous help; without him this all would not have been possible. I’m looking forward to this weekend; it’ll be great!


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