St. Pieters Berg Maastricht 25-04-10

My second attempt at outdoor photographing on Collodion. This one was not as successful as the last one but a good learning process nonetheless. It turns out I have a light leak in my back where the slide slides in. You’ll see a fog coming from the left which is caused by this. The weather was qua lighting a bit unpredictable. the sun came and went at the flip of a dime. A bit hazy too so the harsh shadows which I was expecting and, even worse, hoping for didn’t turn up. The last plate I did was pretty good, capturing a nice contrast on some rotten trees but I managed to wipe the image off when all I had to do really was the fog with my cotton ball. Anyway, that’s a part of it and it’s cool 😉

Lens: Steinheil 230mm approx. f20
Exposure times: between 3 and 8 seconds
Fixer: KCN 2%

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