Frederick Scott Archer & the Dissenters’ Gallery London

Frederick Scott Archer was born in Bishop’s Stortford in 1813. He was a British inventor who, among other things, invented the Wet Plate Collodion process. The man died poor in 1857 because he did not patent his invention so did not get much out of it. One of the things he never received was a proper plaque for his grave.

The 1st of May has been chosen to be the day Collodionistas all over the world honor this mans’ endeavors by making a wet plate. Last year was the first of hopefully many more to come and a book with the results was published: Blurb Bookstore

Besides the obvious fantastic aspect of having a book made of the collected works, the primal goal of selling the book is to have this man a decent plaque made. To support this gesture even more an exhibition has been organized where the proceeds of the works sold will go towards funding this plaque. The place where the exhibition will be held is the place where Archer is buried, the Disssenters’ Gallery in London.

The exhibition will take place from 24th of April until the 8th of May.  A private viewing will be held on the 23rd. The 1st of May the plaque on the grave will be unveiled.

Contact information and address:

Dissenters’ Gallery / Kensai Green Cemetery
Harrow Road
London W10 4RA, UK
Tel: 079 04 49 50 12

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