First. Varnish. Evar. Liquitex.

Well, not my first really, at the workshop I did some with the Sanderac-Lavender a.k.a. good-smelling varnish but at home in the wild I kept postponing it. Until today. I freshly mixed some chemicals and they still had to dissolve properly so wasn’t able to shoot plates as I intended to at first so decided to varnish my one and only good plate. So far so good….

I poured the Liquitex on the plate just as I do with the Collodion and had a tray underneath to catch the dripping. Dripping it did and sticking to. When getting it on my hands it was pretty tough getting it off, it left a kind of thin glossy film on my hands, almost glue-like. When just poured it has this milky blueish sheen which I was told to be normal (at least the milkish part). I’ll post a photo where you can somewhat see it in between the reflections. Hope it’ll clear up perfectly by tomorrow. Will post the results.

Wet Liquitex Varnish
Wet Liquitex Varnish

The result:

A nice glossy smooth finish which looks really pleasing only by moronic behavior managed to screw it up just a little bit…you can see 3 sort of lines where the varnish is thicker. I had to extra pour the plate twice as I had too little in the first place or too much dripped of the plate while flowing; pick your poison… Anyway, not a shabby first try and more to follow 😉

Oh, you can actually see the “screw-up” a little above the midst of the plate a little to the right. There’s one of 3 lines visible.

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