New Slides for my WP Back have Arrived!!

A while ago I gave my WP back to someone who’s a carpenter and furniture builder/designer. The slide is pretty much falling apart; it’s an oldie and I don’t want to tape it or modify it out if its original state. I therefor decided to have a new slide made. Felt pretty uncomfortable leaving the back at someone else’s responsibility but he did a marvelous job in making sure nothing happened to it and fixing a new one. He actually made 3 as it wasn’t that much of a deal anymore after having created the first one. Me = totally happy!

Here are some photos:

WP back & Slide
WP back & its new Slides

I’m still debating whether to spray them black. Not sure if it’ll be necessary or not.  I’ll start out with some dark polish; I have 3 pieces to make the best out of 😉 Now I can finally make some plates again! Sunday evening will be the first opportunity though; some darkroom work still ahead of me, have to make new chemicals & get some fresh bottles for them… I will pick those up on Sunday and new plates as well!!

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