Part 3: The Way It Turned Out To Be (for now)

Life is wonderful in taking turns you would never expect it to do. All you have to do is keep an open mind. After my delirious debating in my head about which route I want to take in my future something beautiful came on my path. Kumulus is a center of art education where I live and one of the teachers in analogue photography became pregnant. She had to go on her maternity leave and needed a replacement. They ended up asking me!

Needless to say I accepted the offer and already gave my first class. Wonderful. To pass enthusiasm on to other people is maybe one of the nicest things you can do. Knowledge must be passed on in order to survive and I see it as my obligation to do so. This way I can gain some experience in teaching as I’ve never done anything like this before (except with a group of young children for only  a week in a camp kind of setting). It’s my first step into the direction I would like to go and from there we’ll see whatever else will come on my path again. It’s a lot more realistic doing it like this then having to set everything up myself. I’ll keep on building / expanding my own working space and will see how I take it from there.

So, that’s as it stands these days, not sure if you find it that interesting but thought a follow-up on my brainstorming would be the least I could write down here. Challenge life and it will challenge you in return!


    1. Yep, that is very true! You have to dive into the theoretic side of photography again, investigate some and from your pupils you will also learn a lot. A very enriching experience!

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