Experiment 02-11-09

So, did not have the time to post this earlier but here we are again šŸ˜‰

I used 2 pilot lights of my softboxes on each side, 2 blacklight light bulbs of 38W, and 2 TL lights black light to lit my subjects.
25 seconds were the exposure times.
Brass 230mm f5.6
Fix: Sodium Thiosulfate 200gr to a liter

Bart 2

I am seeing stripes in my plates, really small ones, and I am wondering where they come from. It could be from flowing the plate…maybe there’s too little alcohol in the Collodion which keeps it from flowing smoothly..? I’ll get back on that.

Too late I noticed that I had a shortage of my silver bath. A small strip on the short side has not been sensitized. I do not yet have a spare bath so I went along with the shooting, trying to make sure the strip would end up being in a not too disturbing place.

My new chemicals have arrived; the Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate, I hope the mixing will get somewhat more easy now. I also got in my PH strips and will work on my silver bath, probably tomorrow.

A colleague of mine studied to be a chemist and he had this dedicated chemical mixer working with magnets he offered me to have. I said yes and it sure makes mixing a lot easier. I don’t have to shake the bottles, I just have to watch them go. Really cool to watch! It looks like the photo I posted below but I’m too lazy to take one myself but you’ll get the idea:

Magnetic Stirrer

You put a magnet inside the bottle, place it on the small platform and turn it on. This makes the magnet swirl inside the bottle and voila, your chemicals are getting mixed!

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