New Guy’s Formula by Quinn

The formula I will be using is called “New Guy’s Forumula” developed by Quinn Jacobson and is for positives only. I will start out with this formula mostly because you have to start with something and it’s relatively easy. In the future I’ll probably try different formulas to see what suits me most but for now this will do.

Collodion & Solvents (Part A)
Plain U.S.P. Collodion 4%:    120 mL
Anhydrous Ether:                    80 mL
Grain or Denatured Alcohol: 80 mL

By mixing the alcohol and ether to store it you stabilize the latter and prevent it from forming peroxides which are explosive.

Salts (Part B)
Cadmium Bromide (CdBr):     1.5 g (3 g for Negatives)
Ammonium Iodide (NH4I):    2 g   (1 g for Negatives)
Distilled Water:                         ~3 mL
I will be using a small tube to dissolve these salts in the distilled water.

Silver Bath
90 grams of Silver Nitrate to 1 liter of water

20 grams Ferrous Sulfate
500 mL Distilled Water
20 mL Alcohol
15 mL Glacial Acetic Acid

Fixer (Hypo)
300 grams of Sodium Thiosulfate to 1 liter of water

One can also use Potassium Cyanide as a fixer with the advantage of a shorter washing period needed, a warmer colour of the final plate, nicer contrast by have whiter whites and deeper blacks, the latter “nicer” as in of course a matter of personal taste. The major disadvantage would be the dangerousness of the chemical. It is what was used in the gas chambers during the 2nd world war. The problem that comes with the hazardousness is that it’s therefor not easily available to anyone. However, when you have a VAT-number it shouldn’t be a problem.

Plate Cleaner
1/3 Calcium Carbonate
1/3 Alcohol
1.3 Distilled Water

Divide a 1 liter bottle into 3 equal parts by marking it and fill it up with the products mentioned above. Shake thoroughly and ready to use.

So far I’ve made the plate cleaner and mixed 1 liter of alcohol with 1 liter of ether to stabilize the latter, divided over 2 Schott Duran bottles.  When I receive my 2 liter Duran bottle I’ll test and then mix the silver nitrate, slowly followed by the rest of the chemicals.

Coming Friday and Saturday I am attending the Collodion workshop by Jeroen in Veghel. I’m really looking forward to that and after that exciting weekend I will be all set up to make my own plates for real! I plan on taking my camera to the workshop as that would be a perfect opportunity  to become accust0med to each other within a safe setting. And, of course, to make sure all is working as should.

Stay tuned for impressions and so on from that weekend!! 🙂


    1. Nice! Do you shoot plates yourself (maybe I should just check out your blog 😉 which I will)? Would be nice to read your write-up on the matter. There are many formulas out there to choose from, this one appealed the most simple and it is indeed.

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