Thank You ♥︎

Finally, the long awaited update (on my part for sure)! I have been so busy with work it took a little longer than anticipated. But, I have also been busy printing and wrapping up the prints I sold in order to soften the pain from the loss of my camera. I am so happy to let you know that it helped tremendously and I have been able to buy another (secondhand) Monochrom (and lens)!

I feel very humble and can’t express my thanks enough to all of you (you know who you are)! That one horrible person who stole my camera was very much outweighed by all you good people. I hope my print will bring joy on your walls for a long time to come. For me this will remain a symbol for how bad the world can be and also how good. Again, I can’t express my gratitude enough.

I am very happy to have shared my story. Hard work alone doesn’t get you there; you also need a bit of luck in your life and this sure feels like a lot of luck. I am happy to be able to continue my Monochrom journey; it is by far the nicest digital camera out there!

Special thanks to Hans from the Leica Store Amsterdam, I will pay you a visit soon. But also to all the other people (there were so many!).


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